Just Do the Thing

Did you know that humans tend to be fairly inaccurate when predicting future emotional states?

Take anxiety for example. We can spend hours or even days obsessing over a task that needs to be done. Maybe an unpleasant email or phone call – a task that in and of itself will consume less than half an hour.

For those that struggle with anxiety – avoidance loops are a common occurrence. In our heads we build up how displeasurable it is going to be for us to engage in this future task- so displeasurable in fact that is it now something we need to fear.

And the cycle looks something like this:

I don’t want to do this thing.

It’s going to be awful.

I’ve put so much energy into avoiding this thing, I must have been right about how awful it is.

I’ll push it off a little more.

And so on & so forth.

And the emotion builds. And the urge to avoid the task increases. And before you know it, you’ve managed to spend an entire work week avoiding a 15 minute phone call!!

At what cost? Hours of your thoughts held at hostage – to yourself. Thinking of all the reasons you don’t want to and listing the litany of ways things could go wrong and spiral desperately out of control. If you struggle with anxiety this pattern probably feels super familiar to you! Here’s a simple trick to help you break the cycle.

Your new mantra:

If you are feeling anxious about something (and you have the opportunity to put if off or do it now), it is always better to go ahead and get things over with. Heres why:

  1. If by chance your worst case scenario does occur – then you’ve got as much time as possible to enter the problem solving stage. Because you didn’t waste valuable time – you have more opportunities to get things back on track when they do veer off.
  2. Exposure therapy. When we avoid things we are scared of, we reinforce fear pathways in our brain. This makes it even harder for us to approach the next time we are presented with that stimulus. Engagement gives your brain an experiential way to check the facts and prove to itself that the fear is unjustified.

So when you notice yourself wanting to avoid a task or having thoughts about how awful something in the future will be, just go ahead and tackle it. Do it and be done with it.

This is super simple application of the Emotion Regulation – Opposite Action skill. If it isn’t hanging over your head, there’s way less reason for it to steal time in your thoughts. Which gives you space for a more mindful day 🌻

Do you struggle with the anxiety / avoidance loop? What skills do you use to help you keep these urges in check? I’d love to hear about your journey – drop a message in the comments & let’s start a dialogue!

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Practicing Radical Acceptance with the “Little Stuff”

Yesterday, Radical Acceptance was my personal theme from the Universe. I started my work day by reviewing this skill with one of my individual DBT clients. During our discussion of her homework practice, she shared an Ah ha! moment she experienced over the weekend:

This skill that isn’t only for the big stuff! It can be very helpful in the smaller situations of day to day life as well!!

I was impressed how quickly this had clicked for her!! Since we teach RA as part of the distress tolerance module, we tend to focus instruction on applying it to situations where there’s big emotional investment.

Radical acceptance is a skill we use when :
there is little hope for change
non-acceptance of the facts causes further distress

(on top of the original situation)

For many of my clients radical acceptance centers around accepting their family members as they are & letting go of fantasies that one day this important person will change.

For clients who struggle with substance abuse, radical acceptance is an integral part of their step work. Acknowledging the relationship they have with substances and the lack of control of their use is the necessary first step to breaking the habit.

But what about the little things? How can we apply radical acceptance in the small moments day to day to reduce suffering?

Here’s my perfect example! When I woke up yesterday morning, I had a pretty specific idea of what I wanted to accomplish. I had clients in the am & pm with a 4 hour block of downtime during the afternoon. I had a manageable amount of tasks on my to-do list and was feeling a good bit of momentum from a productive day on Monday.

The morning did not get off to a great start. I had email issues first thing. I noticed something I thought I had sent to a client the night before, had hung up in my outbox.

After a quick reboot, I believed I had addressed the issue and moved on with my morning. Low and behold – come time for my session and my client says they don’t have their Zoom invite (which I double checked had cleared the outbox before I closed my laptop this morning!! Uugghh!).

Ok so after session, back to problem solving. Which turned out to be a much bigger problem than initially recognized. All afternoon I spent problem solving. Attempting fix after fix: clearing cookies & caches, downloading the operating system update, virus scans, you name it!

As the hours passed, I observed I was getting more and more frustrated🤬!!

I wanted to day to go differently than it had. Hello NON-ACCEPTANCE 👋🏼 The roadblocks I had faced and the unaccomplished tasks definitely gave me the formula for justified anger and sadness.

It made sense to feel both of these emotions AND they weren’t going to help me solve the problem.

In fact my anger urges of throwing my hands in the air and giving up would have only gotten me further from my goal point. So I applied radical acceptance:

This is not the day I wanted/had planned for AND right now finishing this unplanned task is the most important focus of my energy.

Instead of fueling my negative emotions, I accepted the facts of the situation at hand. I validated the situation and that I had every right to feel frustrated and disssapointed in how the day had turned. And then I moved on to actionable problem solving.

By the end of the day I was able to remedy the problem on my own. All in all it took about 5 hours of my full attention and time investment. Plus I endured those few tech oops!! moments with my clients. Embarrassing moments I don’t love to have, but I remind myself they are teachable in too. We show up the best we can and sometime we have to problem solve on the fly.

Those are life necessary life skills which have been exceptionally necessary in 2020 – when adaptability & radical acceptance hav been key!

How do you use Radical Acceptance in your life? Do you find it more helpful for big situations or do you use it in the moments of day to day life? How has it helped yo reduce emotional suffering? I’d love to hear your skills tips in the comments below!

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DBT Skills for the Holidays

Join us Monday nights at 7 pm CST to discuss DBT Skills and their adaptations for all those uniquely fun holiday triggers!

Head over to the THRIVE TOGETHER 2020 Facebook group to join!

DBT Skills for the Holidays Series 2020 Schedule

💥November 16 – Vulnerability Factors🍻

🧠November 23 – Cope Ahead💪

💵 November 30 – Financial Cope Ahead 💲

🙀 December 7 – Emotional Overload, Values Driven Time Management & Self Care⏰

🎁 December 14 – Expectations, Black/White Thinking & The Middle Path 🛣

✉️ December 21 – DEAR MAN 📜

🥺December 28 – Post Christmas Blues😞

I’ll also be doing random drop in topics on substance use triggers, boundaries with families, adapting traditions for COVID, and MORE!!!

So come join us. HERE ⬇️

Previous weeks videos are still up! Plus there’s a totally bomb free workbook download to go with it! That you can grab HERE ⬇️

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Weighted Blanket for the Win

Sleep – a physiological state of rest during which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes are closed / postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness is suspended.

Ask anyone who struggles with depression, anxiety or PTSD about their sleep quality and they’ll likely disclose a litany of issues:

Insomnia – difficulty with falling or staying a sleep

Nightmares – frightening & unpleasant dreams

Sleep terrors – episodes of screaming, intense fear and flailing while still asleep – often are paired with sleepwalking, interacting without conscious awareness

Fatigue – a nearly constant state of weariness that develops over time and reduces your energy, motivation and concentration

Sleep disturbances and mental health issues go hand in hand.

The processes that occur during sleep are similar to those a phone or computer goes through when you power it off to restart. When we are asleep our brain codes memories – basically moving experiences from short to long term storage and freeing up space for new experiences to be stored the next day.

When we don’t get enough sleep (or the right type of sleep), then our brains become overloaded with old data. This leads to slower processing – just like that old overloaded desktop! In sleep deficit we are more prone to confusion, brain fog, + getting stuck in thought loops. We have less psychic energy to commit to our sympathetic (fight/flight) and parasympathetic (emotion regulation) nervous systems.

Of course if you aren’t sleeping well, it makes a lot of sense that you then struggle to control your anxiety during the day or find pleasurable activities no longer appealing (hello depression!).

As a highly sensitive person (HSP), I I have a fairly reactive nervous system. It takes very little stimuli to catch my attention plus it takes my body a long time to down regulate from awake to sleep states. Sleep has always been a struggle for me. I remember being 5 years old and laying in bed for hours at night telling myself stories to try to get to sleep. The slightest of noises and I was wide eyed and fully awake.

I received my first weighted blanked for Christmas 3 years ago. Let me tell you – it was a game changer immediately for me! The first night I got the most amazing deep night of sleep I had ever had. And then it just kept happing, night after night after night.

The feeling of being encompassed in weigh is incredibly soothing. The pressure allows my hyper alert system to feel safe enough that it can down regulate. I fall asleep quicker (15 minutes vs 2.5 hours), enter deeper sleep states & it helps me easily get back to sleep after a mid-night run to the bathroom.

Last week, I snagged my original blanket on the edge of the bed releasing a cascade of tiny glass beads. This was the second time I had ripped it recently and this one was beyond patching. Even with Prime, it took a couple of days for my replacement to arrive. Those nights were awful!! I was immediately reminded of the horrific sleep quality I had lived with for years.

Most retailers recommend choosing a blanket that is between 8-12% of your body weight. My initial blanket 12%, I actually ordered up to 13.5% (22lb) on my replacement and have to admit it’s probably a tiny bit too heavy. You want it to be enough that you feel the benefit of the pressure, but not so much that you feel smother or claustrophobic underneath it.

Bonus – recently weighted blankets have become mainstream & way more affordable (like 40% of what they cost a couple years ago)! Target, Wal-mart, Bed Bath & Beyond all stock them in store, there are plenty of places to find them online or if you’d like to support small check out Etsy for hand crafted ones.

Chronic sleep disturbances are a common problem of 21st century life. Weighted blankets are one of my favorite holistic approaches to symptom management. I recommend it to all my new clients during our intake process. When you can regulate your sleep, it is so much easier to gain control of your emotions and build a values centered life.

Do you have a weighted blanket? How has it helped your sleep patterns? What other non RX approaches do y’all use to improve sleep quality? Drop your tips in the comment section below!

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Mindfulness as an Ever Evolving Practice

On a mission to retrieve an Amazon package the other day, I noticed these exquisite butterfly wings amongst the leaves on my porch.

In that moment, the end of this lovely being’s life had profound meaning to me. I felt connected to the entirety of the universe and the cycles of life/death & metamorphosis. In this moment I understood life.

I immediately recognized this acute awareness as the experience of a level of wise-mind that I had previously only conceptually understood. This is what it means to belly fully connected to the universe, in the present moment, on purpose and without judgment!

In DBT wise mind is the state of mind we strive towards. Wise mind requires the integration of both emotional and logical data to make the most effective decisons . It is a similar concept to intuition in that it is your truest sense of knowing. It can also be seen as the perception of your ancestors through your eyes devoid of societal conditioning.

In that moment, my wise mind felt stronger than ever.

They say a mindfulness practice is a lifelong journey.

From a biological standpoint, mindfulness is our default state of being. Unfortunately… We live in a society that glorifies multitasking & the grind. From birth on we are exposed to technology, advertising and all sorts of outside grabs for our attention. Over time our brains become shaped to only hold focus for short periods of time and to bounce rapidly between different topics. Simply because we’re more malleable as consumers (and thus more profitable for capitalism) when we aren’t focused on the here & now.

So how does one get started on the pack bath to mindful being? A mindfulness journey commences with the adaptation of beginners mind. Beginners mind is a willingness to approach things with the curiosity of a child. To accept that there are skills and knowledge deficits within you. To expect that you will need to exert energy and invest time to see measurable gains in this skillset.

The first step is to practice awareness. To make the transition from mindless, automatic living to deliberate, mindful engagement we must first become aware of the times when we aren’t present. We must practice observation of our thoughts, sensations & emotions to be able to notice that we are not currently on the mindful path. Bringing our attention to our internal experience, and practicing the process of labeling these things non-judgmentally is a good first step.

Pay attention to times when you feel stuck – in thought loops, emotional crisis or relational patterns. Being stuck is a symptom of a living in autopilot.

When you first begin practicing mindfulness it’s all about developing your observe and describe skills. The more you practice them the more you strengthen the neural pathways associated with mindful living. Instead being tossed in the winds of your emotions and thoughts – you gain control by bringing awareness to your internal states. When you notice and label thought loops that are occurring, you also begin to snip those old neural pathways they depend upon to control you.

In the beginning, being present can feel completely foreign. It is not typical for us to focus our attention solely on the moment at hand. With practice it becomes easier to access your wise mind and live in the moment. It is an ever changing journey – with clear cut final destination. No matter how long we have practiced – there will always be room for gaining more skill or a deeper understanding.

Where are you on your mindfulness journey? Is Observe & Describe part of your daily routine? When do you find it most helpful? I’d love to hear from you!

For more mindfulness tips, authentic connection & non-judgmental support check out the Thrive Together 2020 FB Group http://www.facebook.com/groups/thrivetogether2020.

Love & Light,

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Looking Back – It’s All in Your Perspective

My 31st birthday was this weekend. Birthdays are always a time of reflection for me & thanks to technology (Facebook memories) its a point in the year that I always have lots of past data to reference back to. Looking at pictures from my 25, 29 & 30 birthday all brought back memories of a very different Jamie.

By all accounts the last two years have been the toughest and worst of my life. On Saturday, I caught myself spiraling into a pretty deep depression. I have nothing to show for the almost 4 years since I left the DBT Center. What is wrong with me? Why haven’t I accomplished anything? My self loathing critical voice was in full swing.

But after attending to it for a bit, I started to realize something. I have accomplished so much in this time. It just wasn’t what I was expecting to accomplish. And it sure as hell hasn’t been pretty.

At 25, I had earned the life I always thought I dreamed of. I finished my Master’s degree and landed a prestigious private practice position without having to do years inpatient or community clinic work. I loved the client population I specialized in, I loved my team, I loved getting dressed & driving into town for work.

In my mind, I had made it.

But 3 years into the job, I still struggled with imposter syndrome. My own anxiety greatly fluctuated with the demands of my clients and the CYA approach to managing suicidal patients. I had everything I had ever worked for, and yet I still wasn’t happy.

So when my then fiancé’s son came to live with us unexpectedly, I walked away to raise a child. That relationship has since ended and that was obviously not the path for me. But I realize now it was the needed catalyst for what became a prologued period of self examination.

In the time since then, my life has looked like a dumpster fire. But that’s what people who are actively in trauma work often look like. I spent a full year having night terrors. The cumulative lack of sleep alone was enough to prevent me from being able to build a steady life.

Once I opened the door to the work, I was in it full on & it took two full years of my life from me. I can tell, I’m closing up the wounds and beginning to move on. But I’m depleted from the work. Depleted from the embarrassment of what my life has looked life. Depleated from being unable to hold the type of full time job I trained for 8 years to do.

Some days it is hard to have hope – I just see how empty my coffers are. But I try to look at it from a positive perspective. The last two years have drained me. For sure. They have also made me stronger in ways I could never have expected to experience.

In this time, I did my trauma work. And if that is all I can say I accomplished for two years – that is OK. That is more than enough! Especially, since I believe that by doing this work I am creating the foundation for a beautiful life.

I know that I am different. I know how to find peace and contentment in myself. That is a skill that some never find.

My career has suffered. But money isn’t the be all end all for me. I believe that the lessons taken from this time have made me more capable of being a sherpa on my own clients’s journeys. So it is my responsibility to not get bogged down in self-shaming for my lack of “success.”

So for those of you in the trenches of your own work, I want to encourage you not to discount the WINS you are making. I know how long the war is, and that the little battles won may not feel like much. But I promise you the other side is worth all of the tears and pain along the way.

Stay strong in your journey &
remember it is always the hero who faces the greatest trials!


Why Can’t I Bury My Head in the Sand? Willfulness, Willingness & Radical Acceptance

Last Wednesday I received news that I felt completely unprepared to handle.  Since then, I’ve spent a good bit of time stewing in a sea of negative emotions.

In an attempt to balance out those emotions, I’ve also focused my meditations this week on the concept of willingness.  In DBT, the willfulness/willingness dialectic is part of Radical Acceptance Skill.  This is a distress tolerance skill – and usually one of the most bemoaned when taught in class.  

Are you kidding me – you want me to practice acceptance in the middle of an emotional crisis? How the hell am I supposed to do that?

 First question I get – without fail.

And it’s true – the absolute last thing we want to do is ACCEPT when things aren’t going our way.  Willfulness is the opposite of acceptance. It is an unwillingness to see the moment for its truth or to engage with the facts.

For example – here’s what my initial (willful) reaction looked like:

This can’t be happening!!!!
My plate is already full – I can’t handle something as significant as this right now.
I knew what was going on – and this isn’t it!

All statements of complete non-acceptance.  I was fully prepared to engage in my favorite skill borrowed from the ostrich – bury my head in the sand and just hope the danger will go away. For a good long while.

ALAS!! This is not an effective technique – nor one I’d recommend.  Because let’s face it, problems tend to grow when we ignore them and pretend like they don’t exist.

Acceptance is the first step in problem solving.  We have to admit things aren’t going our way before we can even begin to formulate a plan on how to change them.   Willingness allows us to engage in the process that comes next.

So how do we handle non-acceptance and willful thinking?  DBT suggests these 4 steps:

  1. Use OBSERVE & DESCRIBE to label willfulness when it comes up.  Take a non-judgmental stance towards it & stick to the facts of the situation.  It could be as simple of a statement as Right now I don’t want things to be how they arethis is my willfulness.
  2. Practice ACCEPTANCE that you are currently in a state of willfulness.  Again, focusing on that non-judgmental perspective (it doesn’t do you any good to beat yourself up).  Willfulness is a valid emotion, and when we experience it there is a reason.  It just usually is not an emotion that leads to us being more effective.
  3. Actively TURN THE MIND towards acceptance.  Write down your personal acceptance mantra.   Each time you find willfulness sinking in, say your mantra out loud or in your head.  This is a repletion-based skill – expect to do it over and over. 
  4. Open up physically.  Use HALF-SMILE, WILLING HANDS, and correct posture.  By changing your physical stance, you are signaling to your brain that you are engaging the behaviors of willingness. 

By making the journey from non-acceptance to acceptance I’ve been able to gain a broader understanding of the situation.  To see the dialectic that in all situations there can be both good and bad.  I’m facing something I wasn’t prepared to face.  And yet, I believe that I can come out stronger on the other side.  Maybe this bit of bad news was the catalyst I have been waiting for in regard to some necessary personal growth.  

As with many of the DBT skills, it’s much simpler to talk about acceptance then it is to practice acceptance in the moment (especially when emotions are high). However, it is often the skill that best allows us to move out of a loop of negative emotions. The more attached you are to your willfulness, the harder it is to let go. Expect to use turning the mind A LOT!

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Walking the Middle Path during COVID-19

March 11th was the last day my life resembled normal. On March 12, I worked my final shift at my event gig, but the city was beginning to go into lockdown and a whopping 3 people showed up.

In the 7 weeks that has passed, life has been both everything and nothing like what I would have expected it to be. For me it has been a time full of unique challenges, anxiety, stressors, mindfulness, and growth. I had expected to write daily during all this (what else is there to do when you live alone?). Instead I have found myself struggling with focus and attention more than I have in years.

At first I was angry with myself. I kept thinking “The world has slowed down, this is your chance. Take advantage of this time and make something of it for your brand.” But that has not been where my heart or my brain has been.

Like many of my clients, the psychological effects of months of uncertainty doubled with the financial impact of the world shutting down has been triggering for my trauma sensitive brain.

From a Maslow’s hierarchy of needs standpoint – its hard to work on actualization goals when your brain is stuck in survival mode.

Logically I know I am safe, and we will get through this. I’ve still had to pull out all my DBT skills to get through this time with some level of sanity. Mindfulness, meditation, check the facts(hard to do when no-one can agree on what is truth), distraction, self-soothe, radical acceptance, the list goes on. I’ve relied more on Distress Tolerance this month than in the preceding 5 years.

The one skill I keep coming back to is Walking the Middle Path. This is a time more than ever where this skill is applicable. Some days I’m really productive. Some days I watch netflix for 10 hours straight. (My binge of this has been The 100 – I highly recommend). But the goal is to find a balance – to create some semblance of a normal life and to make small strides while also acknowledging that my brain & spirit are not at 100%.

The key is not to beat myself up for the days that I am unproductive (non-judgmental stance) while still being able to acknowledge the small steps I am making each day towards a better life. I don’t have to come out of this time with exceptional productivity. I do have to come out of it with my sanity.

Throughout I’ve tracked small behaviors that are important to me. I have used this time to build a foundation for some skills I want to make a regular part of my existence. Jogging has been one in particular. But again it’s a middle path approach. Some days I’m not physically able to (this time has re-triggered migraines). I practice self compassion on those days. When the headache does lift, I get back at it (though it usually takes a major internal pep talk). I don’t have to be ready to run a marathon when this is all over, but I would like to be able to call myself a jogger. That means making the behavior at least a semi-regular part of my existence.

Of course the kicker in all of this, is just about the time we settle into our new routines everything changes again. And from what they are predicting it will likely be this way for several cycles as we adapt to this virus over the next 12 -18 months.

So please be kind to yourself during this period. Our brains don’t like being out of their routines. Expect your spirit to have days when it just needs to rest. But also don’t allow yourself to fall into the cycle of doing absolutely nothing either. While rest is good for the soul – too many days of rest just mimics depressive behavior.

Love & light in these trying times,

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DBT Skills for COVID-19

The world is feeling an unprecedented amount of anxiety.

Everyone’s life has been turned upside down.

Many are struggling to deal with negative emotions.

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills provide a framework for understanding and managing emotions. So as the world is rapidly changing (and I have felt absolutely zero inspiration to blog at this point), I do feel that I can be helpful in this time by sharing what I know about DBT and how it fits in with our unique emotional needs.

This first video covers Emotion Regulation – Model For Experiencing Emotions. The info graph breaks emotions down into 5 main components, each of which can be “hacked” with a different skill set – giving you a variety of ways to help feel more in control in these trying times.

While I have logged thousands of hours teaching DBT skills, I’ll admit I’m a little rusty currently and I much prefer talking to a live class than YouTube (I bet I’ll feel like a pro by the time this is all over!) So I urge you to focus more on content than presentation (and please be kind). I promise you there’s lots of really helpful info throughout!

My goal (that i’m sharing with y’all for accountability) is to have next video up by Tuesday. Topic –
reducing vulnerability to emotion mind via build mastery skill & behavior/emotion tracking.

Stay safe and sane in these trying times my loves. We’re all in this together, we’re all a little frazzled and anxious. Practice compassion with yourself & others.

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Missed Opportunities for Growth

It’s no secret 2019 was not good to me…

I got stuck in a trauma loop,
I felt like the rug got pulled out from under my feet &
I am now in a place of completely rebuilding.

I’m currently two months into my phoenix moment. As I go through my days, I find life presents me with little cues. When strong emotions arise, I look for the connection the the events of the previous year and try to find healing in the current moment.

This morning while jamming to reggaeton on the radio, I realized one of my biggest bummers of the year is a situation where I totally let myself down.

I completely didn’t take advantage of one of the opportunities life offered me!

I have always had a yearning to be bilingual. I’ve got the customary high school & college Spanish courses under my belt and actually have a decent breadth of vocabulary. But education doesn’t make you conversationally capable. Practice does.

Living in Houston, this would have practical benefits for my life as well. There are plenty of opportunities to interact in Spanish on a daily basis & many jobs offer additional pay for bilingual hires.

(Unfortunately with current immigration practices there is also an increased need for bilingual trauma informed therapists to volunteer.)

So why did I not practice my conversational skills the 9 months that I lived with a native speaker?

In the beginning, I let my perfectionism and embarrassment get in the way. I didn’t want this guy who I was head over heels for to think less of me for my pronunciation mistakes.

As the months went by, I let my walls down in so many other ways. I never really did get past this hangup though. And for some reason my goal was no longer important enough to ask for him to help me with.

Maybe it was our dynamic. Everything was so chaotic and intense. On the days when I believed we were always going to be together, I’d tell myself there would be plenty of time later:
Let’s just get settled down in our life.
I know we’re going to the family reunion in July, so I’ll ask him to start working with me after the beginning of the year.

Well guess what?!?!? Spring is here. But our relationship is no more…

I squandered an opportunity to acquire a skill that I have always wanted and would have benefited me for the entirety of my life!

Because I was scared to be vulnerable in front of this person I cared for. Because I got consumed by the patterns of an unhealthy relationship. Because I didn’t prioritize my growth. Because I lost sight of me.

In any situation, tomorrow is never guaranteed. Change is the only constant. Let me encourage you today, to take that first step on learning something new.

How amazing would you feel about yourself, if you looked back a year from now and had a 365 days worth of experience doing THE thing? You know, the skill you’ve always wanted but for whatever reason not given yourself the time, education or practice to develop.

9 months would have been more than enough time for a person with my knowledge level to become conversationally fluent. I’m disappointed in myself that I let my insecurities get in the way. I may never have an opportunity to learn so organically again.

I am committing to myself and you guys that I won’t miss out on the next opportunities life gives me – in any arena!

Go out! Be the person! Live the life! Take the chance! Don’t be too scared to ask the person you’re with to help you grow! I’d love to hear what steps you are taking today – drop them in the comment section below 😊

Happy Monday Guys!

p.s. Want to know why learning new skills helps fight depression? Check out my Build Mastery to Battle Depression post!

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