DBT Skills for the Holidays ✨Free Worksheets✨

It’s that magical time of year again… No matter your beliefs or practices – we are all currently inundated with ads selling the idea of the perfect holiday season.

You know the American dream where you buy, buy, buy until you’re up to your eyeballs in debt, so that you can rush to all the events (that you don’t know why you committed to), and consume enough alcohol to be able to stomach a conversation with your favorite QAnon theory spouting uncle.

Wether it’s family or finances or time, it seems impossible to avoid the increased stress associated with this time of year. For the millions who struggle with mental health and family trauma – this time of year comes with an extra layer of emotional complexity.

Face it the holidays can be tough!!

I’ve presented this DBT Skills for the Holidays Series several times over the past few years. While I’m not doing it live this season – I wanted to share the resource!!

The workbook covers Vulnerability Factors, Cope Ahead, Financial Tracking, Expectations (values), DEARMAN, & post holiday blues. I’ve also got the link up for the YouTube series or to watch last year’s Facebook live chats – head over to the Thrive Together archives.

Free workbook download

2018 Holiday Skills Videos on YouTube

Happy holidays! Here’s to effective choices and honoring your own needs this winter season!

Published by Jamie Schmidt, LPC

Just a human being on a journey of self discovery. Psychology + Spirit + Healing

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